A world of heroic proportions

2nd Game, June 13 2011

The Supreme Overlord turned out to be a nobody
He can’t pay anybody for destroying the cult
Cult worshiped Asmodeous
Went to the blacksmith to seek payment
Blacksmith lost a shipment of dragon hide to Kobolds
The group goes to get the stuff
Going down the road, we begin to check bushes for Kobolds
See Kobold’s tail behind some boulders
After encounter, last Kobold directs us to treasure before killing him
Astridae finds glue pot
Everyone gets 9 silver
The blacksmith’s stuff is in a mansion-like building to the south, following the road
The group finds the mansion, boarded up but with a small cellar door on the side
Entering through the door, the group finds 5 Kobolds
5 glue pots

1st Game
Just some Notes

In the town, everyone is required to have a job.
Lia, Glathorynn & Thourne are lookouts
Astridae & Alexander are lookouts for the lookouts
The lookouts are the “eyes and ears” of the town, keeping an eye on each other.
Also defending the town from evils/monsters coming near and into Hankton.
The Supreme Overlord tells the group about a strange “church” coming into town
Chanting, summoning, mysterious deaths
Reports of chants and fireballs from Little Old Lady’s House
Two halflings and minions in the cellar
Battle ensues
In the midst of battle, the halflings have successfully summoned two crazy scary glowing scythe-legged beasts
Destroyed minions first, then crazy scaries
Halflings create a serious resistance but are eventually defeated
When the last halfling is about to die, he jumps into a molten hole
Strange and mysterious creature says he’ll see us soon
Alex finds golden goblet with PR3 engraved on it
Find Black Orchid emblem
Everyone gets a small dagger w/ruby in hilt

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