A world of heroic proportions

3rd Game, July 13, 2011

Group enters a chamber with 4 tombs, 8 small alcoves and an altar, possibly a chapel of some kind. There are seven pressure plates within the chamber at random locations. Three Kobolds appear as the group enters the chamber. Astridae (Callie) kills the first Kobold in the fourth turn of combat. Thourne (Chris) is set on fire by a spell of his own that backfired during the third turn of combat; the fire was put out by turn four of combat. Astridae steps on a pressure plate while running and a dart bounces off her head on turn five, indicating that the pressure plates (the brown squares with red x’s) trigger some sort of trap. Thourne, in turn five of combat, was reduced to 2 HP by a kobold. Lia (Jill) used sunburst to grant Thourne five temporary hit points and a saving throw. Thourne used a healing surge and gained an extra 6 permanent HP. Glathorynn (Adam) granted Thourne another healing surge, putting Thourne at 18 HP + 5 temp HP. One kobold sends a critical hit toward Glathorynn, bloodying him for the second time this encounter. Glathorynn killed the second kobold during turn six of combat. Glathorynn was healed by Lia’s spellcasting. Astridae pins the final kobold down and Lia glues him down to the ground, ending combat phase.

Glathorynn goes to the kobold and asks him in common language: “Who do you work for?” The kobold doesn’t seem to want to talk, so Glathorynn asks in Draconic. The kobold answers in Draconic (which Glathorynn translates for the group): “The Leader.”
Glathorynn: “Who is this leader?”
Kobold: “Wouldn’t you like to know.”
Glathorynn tells the kobold he will let the kobold go if he answers the questions, to which the kobold agrees.
Glathorynn: “Who is this leader?”
Kobold: “A dragon.”
Kobolds worship an evil dragon god, so Lia goes investigate the altar. She discovers the altar is to Tiamat, and there is a 60 gold offering to Tiamat on the altar. She doesn’t take anything and moves back to where she was.
Glathorynn: “Do you know anything about stolen goods from Hankton?”
The Kobold explains that he was part of the raid, which was part of a movement to confiscate all dragon-related paraphernalia. Glathorynn asks him why the raids were taking place.
Kobold (in Common language): “How would you like it if your brother’s skin was used for armor?”
During this conversation, Lia has started to draw pictures on the ground.
Glathorynn: “Where is the dragon hide?”
Kobold: “It went to the horde. Can I get up now?”
The group pulls him up and Astridae works as a body guard, making sure he doesn’t make a break for it. The kobold looks at Lia’s drawings on the ground and gasps. Astridae asks what he is gasping at, and the kobold answers that Lia’s drawings look like his god, only more beautiful.
Glathorynn (lying): “We have a stash of dragon paraphernalia and want to take it to the leader. We’re on your side.” The kobold can tell he is lying and doesn’t believe him. “If you show us where the stash is, we won’t take anything but the stolen hide.”
Lia begins to explain to the group, including the kobold, about the good dragon god Tamait.
Supports: Against: MercyTheftCooperationCheatingCouragePoor Orthodontal HygieneSelflessnessHate

Lia explains the religion to the kobold, who runs to the altar and takes a bag the size of a football. He takes the gold offering from the altar and goes to Lia’s drawing, putting the gold on the drawing and giving Lia the package: “As the leader of the church, this offering goes to you.” He hands Lia both the gold and the package. “What would you have me do as your disciple?” Lia tells him he has to return the stolen dragon’s hide to be forgiven by Tamait for theft. The kobold explains that he doesn’t have it; it was given to the dragon leader. Lia asks where the dragon leader is, to which the kobold laughs and says, “there are two doors to this room, are there not?” Lia opens the package, which holds a cloak/shroud. Lia tells the kobold to spread the word of Tamait in the kobold community. He says he will and sprints off the way the party had come. The group goes outside to rest and afterward, Thourne decides to head back to Hankton as he is not used to such adventuring. Out on the main road, the group sees some mercenaries for hire, but the party does not have the gold to afford it. The group takes an extended rest outside.

When the group returns and goes to the next room, the find they have entered what appears to be a former tomb, now a playground for kobolds. There are two kobolds and two kobold minions, one of each on each ledge on the far end of the room. Astridae kills a kobold minion on the first combat turn and takes 3 damage from another kobold, and is glued to the floor. Lia tries to take a show with her crossbow, but the string snaps back onto her arm. Glathorynn gets smashed in the chest and falls into the sludge pit. Astridae is attacked by a drake who keeps biting at her while she is stuck to the floor. Glathorynn manages to get out of the pit and starts to attack the drake. He also unglues Astridae, who attacks the drake and helps bloody it.

2nd Game, June 13 2011

The Supreme Overlord turned out to be a nobody
He can’t pay anybody for destroying the cult
Cult worshiped Asmodeous
Went to the blacksmith to seek payment
Blacksmith lost a shipment of dragon hide to Kobolds
The group goes to get the stuff
Going down the road, we begin to check bushes for Kobolds
See Kobold’s tail behind some boulders
After encounter, last Kobold directs us to treasure before killing him
Astridae finds glue pot
Everyone gets 9 silver
The blacksmith’s stuff is in a mansion-like building to the south, following the road
The group finds the mansion, boarded up but with a small cellar door on the side
Entering through the door, the group finds 5 Kobolds
5 glue pots

1st Game
Just some Notes

In the town, everyone is required to have a job.
Lia, Glathorynn & Thourne are lookouts
Astridae & Alexander are lookouts for the lookouts
The lookouts are the “eyes and ears” of the town, keeping an eye on each other.
Also defending the town from evils/monsters coming near and into Hankton.
The Supreme Overlord tells the group about a strange “church” coming into town
Chanting, summoning, mysterious deaths
Reports of chants and fireballs from Little Old Lady’s House
Two halflings and minions in the cellar
Battle ensues
In the midst of battle, the halflings have successfully summoned two crazy scary glowing scythe-legged beasts
Destroyed minions first, then crazy scaries
Halflings create a serious resistance but are eventually defeated
When the last halfling is about to die, he jumps into a molten hole
Strange and mysterious creature says he’ll see us soon
Alex finds golden goblet with PR3 engraved on it
Find Black Orchid emblem
Everyone gets a small dagger w/ruby in hilt

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